Course Description

Charis Course for Childbirth Professionals,
CE/Doula Certification Track

The student has up to 27 months to complete the certification process and then has an additional 9 months to pass the exam.*

To receive Certification as a Childbirth Educator and Doula, a student must:

• maintain yearly membership Benefits of membership include, but are not limited to, a monthly newsletter and advertising in the Charis Directory.

• meet monthly with your Charis Coach for up to 27 months, either in person or by phone.  Your Charis Coach will be a senior doula, childbirth educator, or midwife who is trained in the “coaching” style of facilitating learning.

• meet weekly with your peer partner, either in person or by phone, until the certification process is complete.  (Optional)

• complete module assignments Assignments include reading, journaling, research, essays, and projects.

• audit at least one childbirth series taught by a certified or Charis-approved Childbirth Educator

• attend the Charis “Labor Support Workshop”

• attend the Charis “Communication, Teaching, and Coaching”

• attend at least 2 vaginal births with a certified or Charis-approved senior doula

• attend at least 1 vaginal birth as primary doula

• complete an evaluated childbirth class series

• pass a comprehensive final examination.  Application for the exam must be made by the end of the certification process (up to 27 months) and must be passed within nine months of the initial exam application.

Modules for the CE/Doula Certification Track

Module 1          Biblical Perspective Relevant to Childbearing

Module 2          Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy

Module 3          Anatomy and Physiology of Labor and Birth

Module 4          Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth

Module 5          Nutrition for Pregnancy and Lactation

Module 6          Obstetrical Procedures and Tests

Module 7          Emotional and Psychological Health During Pregnancy and Post Partum

Module 8          Post Partum Care

Module 9          The Newborn

Module 10        Breastfeeding

Module 11        Teaching Skills

Module 12        Foundations for Your Business or Ministry

* This is a self-paced course and the average student completes this track within 18-24 months.

Nancy Prevatt when she was a student.
Now she is a Charis Certified Childbirth Educator/Doula!