Tuition & Fees

Since this course is self-paced, it is the student who determines the full cost.*

Tuition and fees for Charis Midwifery students:

$550   registration/admin fee

$990   quarterly tuition

$900  appx. workshop fees
(four workshops, two approved workshops of your choice and two Charis workshops at $250 each)

$50     diploma fee

$30     yearly membership

You will need to purchase textbooks and midwifery supplies on your own.

*The Charis Course for Childbirth Professionals is a self-paced course, meaning that those with more time to devote to their studies or those with previous experience will be able to complete the course more quickly than those with less time or less experience.  The Midwifery Track of the Charis Course for Childbirth Professionals is designed to take the average full-time student at least three years to complete.

(The tuition & fees listed here are subject to change.)